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Welcome to Big Dream Ministries


Big Dream Ministries is committed to offering materials that help people see the Bible as a "whole" from Genesis to Revelation in a way that is compelling, exciting and thought provoking. Each study goes directly to the Word, allowing students to see for themselves the big picture of each book and how it relates to their lives. Through printed material and international television programming Big Dream exists for the sole purpose of drawing men and women into a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ through His Word, the entire Bible.

Ministry Minutes

Life is often slower down during the summer months, yet here at Big Dream Ministries we are busier than ever. We just created a beautifully updated catalog which was sent out to thousands of churches. If your church did not receive a copy, please feel free to contact Customer Care for one to be sent to you.

Additionally, we are in the process of enhancing our website, updating our blog, and utilizing technology to improve our communication offerings. If you have not visited our Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest sites yet, our links can be found at the bottom of this page. Also located at the bottom of this page is a sign-up block for our monthly newsletter which contains Biblical truths, inspiring devotionals, and practical helps. Our prayer is to not only offer Biblical teaching material but to be an encouragement for you as you grow in God’s word.

If you have any suggestions for meeting the needs of women, we would love to hear about them at




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